An Atlas of Experiences
From self– destruction to self-organization
“What’s there beyond” in accordance with an I-Ching reading

In” the I Ching, the Classic of Change, there are only two signs, continuous and discontinuous lines, —  - -; are the different combinations of these two lines that build the text and not the enouncement of a discourse or the formulation of a meaning.(…) (There’s) no thinking or willing and it is just from the game of alternances of its figures, from the effects of juxtaposition and correlation, from their possibility of transforming, that sense emerges.” (F. Jullien).
I Ching is a device to manipulate through which interpret, from the experience of reality, the possible becoming of it.
We are inviting the public and the authors to share the experience and the interpretation of the Biennale proposals through the I Ching device.
Here the atlas of those experiences and their interpretations are getting collected in a common fresco, trying to envision what is beyond architecture today.
At the same time our interpretation of the actual phase of change is here given through two sequent and opposite I Ching hexagrams: Bo (n.23) the splitting apart and Fu (n.24) the coming back or the turning point.
 Versione italiana  

The work has been produced with zero budget, self costructed, with recycled material from the previous Biennale, on the Mazzorbetto island. Thanks to Tony Quagliati (responsable of the scout group of the island), Mario the retired carpenter from Burano, Sandro Bisà, Giulio Grillo and Andrea Facchi (Geologika), Roberto Dell’Orco (the oracle), Alberto Zanco, Massimiliano Maiello, Alessandro Saturno, Alessandro Floris (the rocker). Peter T. Lang, Celeste Nicoletti, Giulia Fiocca and Lorenzo Romito. The work is insured for 0 € and will be reused after the Biennale.